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Taking things back to the Ruthless days!


The single off this album is being blasted out

to radio, request it today!!!

The track produced by Main Event:

"I Think I'm In Love"

Bizzy Bone featuring:

Q Loco & Main Event - track is HOT!!!









A founding member of one of the world’s most notorious
rap groups, Bizzy Bone of the Grammy-winning,
multi-platinum act Bone thugs-n-harmony, has always
been armed with a deep-rooted sense of spirituality.

Over time, Bizzy met and collaborated with his newfound
brothers that eventually gave way to Bone thugs-n-harmony.
Taking the Greyhound to Los Angeles, the young group was
determined to meet Eric “Eazy-E” Wright of N.W.A. fame to
sign to his Ruthless Records. And that is exactly what
happened. With fame and fortune ahead of them, the band
was struck an unexpected blow when their friend and mentor
died of AIDS.

Unequipped to handle the trappings of fame, Bizzy, battling
with all sorts of new temptations, went on what he calls his
“walk.” Bizzy eventually found the “light” and moved on with
his career, which most recently included the highly publicized
reunion of Bone thugs-n-harmony.

Having recently worked on his autobiography, Bizzy says,
“I want this book to be about the spiritual war that has been
a part of my life, about the music industry, business in general,
the past and the future.”

Bizzy Bone “Inside A Bizzy Mind”
The Official Autobiography


Photo By: Adrian Ojerio


7th Sign Ent./Oraclez Ent. — Loco Ent.

Bizzy Bone is the Boss – CEO
Q Loco the Underboss – President
Mrz. Loco Da First Lady – Vice President
Demetrius Whodini Blak – Artist Repertoire
Mario Thompson - T1 Films – Director/Producer
Alfred P– Design, Photography, Marketing



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Track Playing — "I Think I'm In Love" Bizzy Bone Feat: Q Loco & Main Event — Produced By Main Event
Off Bizzy Bone Presents “The Bone Collector Vol.

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